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Плейлисты IPTV (общая тема) 19.09.2020, 06:56 InCite IPTV бесплатные плейлисты
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BulgariaSat, 1.9°E 18.09.2020, 23:37 Livio Транспондерные новости
Astra 2E, 28.2°E 18.09.2020, 22:19 Livio Транспондерные новости
Thor 5/6 & Intelsat 10-02, 0.8°W 18.09.2020, 21:51 Livio Транспондерные новости
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- New: Export selected channels with favourite group
- New: Import .ini files from satellites-xml.eu
- Fixed: No terrestrial or cable channels were imported when importing from .csv file
- Fixed: When adding satellites in LNB Edit, wrong value for transponder frequency was set
- Fixed: Showing checkboxes for radio and tv search
- Changed: Flashing for twin tuner models will now be done with the script from the webif
Софт | Просмотров: 1189 | Загрузок: 307 | Добавил: goodboy07 | Дата: 01.12.2011

- New: Support for database revision R11014 (Firmware R11102)
- New: Option for saving channel switching mode, see PCEditor Settings/General
- New: Show number of favourites in favourite group name
- Fixed: Save column order didnґt work for CubeCafe receivers
- Fixed: Message for duplicate favourites when adding favourites now only for first duplicate favourite
- Fixed: Channel list was not updated when adding favourites to favourite group/favourite group list on HD receivers
- Fixed: Leading zeros for channel names are now also shown in favourite groups
- Fixed: Adding favourite was possible when no favourite group existed
- Fixed: Upload of channel database R11014 doesnґt work and many other problems concerning the new database revision
- Fixed: Another upload problem for database R11014 revealed by fixing the previous problems
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Редактор каналов для имиджей Enigma2
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